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Montalvo Arts Center


Montalvo Arts Center is an oasis of arts and culture that fulfills its mission by creating and presenting arts of all types; by nurturing artists; and by using its historic Villa, buildings and grounds in innovative ways that engage people in the creative process. Montalvo embraces Silicon Valley's leadership in innovation by being an inspirational catalyst that connects artists, community and visitors so they can experience and celebrate the arts. Montalvo's programming includes: an annual theme-based arts program; music and performance; education and public programs; new media and visual arts; and the Sally and Don Lucas Artists Residency Program. Located in the Saratoga foothills in the midst of Silicon Valley, Montalvo occupies a Mediterranean-style villa on 175 stunning acres, which Senator James Phelan left to the people of California for the encouragement of promising students in the areas of art, music, literature and architecture.

  Montalvo's education programs advance an institutional commitment to lifelong learning. Serving more than 20,000 students each year, the education programs at Montalvo provide a multi-layered approach to the arts for K-12 students and their teachers. Through these major engagement areas: Master Classes, Performing Arts, Field Trips, Teacher Training and Summer Camps, Montalvo is committed to partnering with students, teachers and public and private schools throughout Santa Clara County, and beyond. Through these education initiatives, Montalvo strives to provide valuable arts experiences that ultimately support creativity, innovation and student achievement. In addition, Montalvo is committed to making all of its educational programs available to youth of all ages through an active scholarship program.  

Los Gatos Music and ArtsLos Gatos Music and Arts

  Los Gatos Music & Arts is committed to inspiring, nurturing, developing, facilitating and producing concerts, educational programs, scholarships, and other artistic programs for the benefit of our community.  

Los Gatos Museums

  Established in 1965, the Los Gatos Museum Association (LGMA) includes the Art Museum of Los Gatos, the History Museum of Los Gatos, and the Los Gatos Museums Gallery. LGMA provides exhibitions, educational programs, and classes that support both the artists and historians and engage the broader community.  
  Education is a crucial part of the LGMA mission. Part of that implementing this vision is through our Musuem Explorer program. This program provides to students educational tours at both museums throughout the school year. The program serves over 1000 elementary school children, grade K through 5, in Santa Clara County. Scholarships are provided to Title 1 schools. In the summer, LGMA partners with Youth Science Institute and Vasona Park to bring students to the history museum for tours, demonstrations and other activities.  

Art Docents of Los Gatos

  Los Gatos Art Docents is a non-profit organization bringing visual art education to the students of Los Gatos Union School District. Funded in part by LGEF, LGUSD, H&S Clubs, the Town of Los Gatos, and members of the community.
  The mission of the Art Docents is to expand a child's educational and cultural experiences in order to foster the development of more flexible, innovative and creative individuals. This is accomplished through ongoing programs and activities in art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art techniques.

Lighting for Literacy

  Los Gatos Morning Rotary in partnership with the United Methodist Church in Los Gatos, California, partnered to develop an Rotary Earth Day project for youth to promote literacy with an innovative, renewable, and sustainable solar lighting system.The idea grew from an article in Harvard Biz Review (Jan-Feb 2012). Twenty percent, or 1.5 billion people, are living in total darkness with no electricity. Within this population, eighty-five percent are illiterate. Most earn an average of $2.50 a day, with thirty percent of their wages spent on Kerosene and candles – both highly toxic, flammable products – to heat and light their homes. The Lighting for Literacy project teaches science, sustainability, and the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self," while brightening educational pathways for those living off the grid. With this program, we have changed the lives of youth, and have profoundly influenced the next generation with a clear vision of serving the greater good. Through the power of STEM, youth gain first-hand experience in learning how something that they build with their own hands has the power of global stewardship and the opportunity to raise the human potential for the twenty percent who live in darkness after the sun sets.
  This low-cost, compact, renewable, sustainable solar lighting system, used as a national STEM science project, is now spreading to villages in Mexico and India, providing four hours of lighting every night. This enabling youth service project provides the educational opportunity to read, write, and lead more productive lives. The Lighting for Literacy project helps today's youth to help millions of underserved youth to learn and to experience the joy of reading.

Los Gatos Morning Rotary Foundation

  The Los Gatos Morning Rotary Charitable Foundation is a charitable trust, which awards grants and scholarships from the proceeds of its annual fundraisers. A Board of five elected Trustees operate the Charitable Foundation.